Introduction to ‘Gnosticism’ packs a great deal of information and insight into marvelously readable language, offering an excellent introduction to the complex and fascinating world of early Christianity–including new discoveries that many scholars have not yet explored.”–Elaine Pagels, Princeton University

“This book is a godsend for those of us who teach courses in early Christianity. What can one use as a textbook? Now we have the answer in this terrific contribution. Introduction to ‘Gnosticism’ is skillfully conceived, helpfully organized, and beautifully written, precisely what we have long needed for classroom use.”–Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Read a blog review here, by Prof. Christopher Skinner @Peje Iesous.

This semester, Prof. Tony Burke is using this book in his Gnosticism class and blogging about it weekly @Apocryphicity.

This book has recently been translated into Italian:


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